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Are you interested in helping to make an impact in the lives of others? Check out the buttons below to make a donation. Donations received are used to help us provide scholarship opportunities to athletes who need it, help to bring more programs, expand into new areas, provide more socialization opportunities and outings for our athletes, and also assists us in purchasing new equipment.  We have donations set up through Facebook, Paypal, and SquareUp. You may also mail a check (9209 Mackinaw Drive. Gastonia, NC 28056). We are always looking for volunteers and new instructors to be able to expand and offer new programming. Click one of the buttons below to fill out our volunteer and new instructor applications so that you can come join in on our classes and events to be able to see the impact that we create in-person. 

Sponsorship Spotlight: Jordan

Jordan joined us during the summer of 2020. She attends an average of 2 classes per week and participates in nearly all of our socialization events. Since becoming an athlete with us, she has lost a total of 30 pounds! We see tremendous improvements in Jordan's energy level, confidence in herself and socialization skills. Everyone loves Jordan! We are so thankful to have her as a part of our fitness family. 

*Thanks to generous sponsors, Jordan is able to attend our programming free of charge. There are many families with an athlete in need of sponsorship. If you or your business would like to become a sponsor one of our athletes, please head over to the "contact us" tab in the top menu and shoot us a message.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be healthy and build life-long friendships. 

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